Benefits of Using Sales Mapping Software

sales territory mappingSales mapping software is a potent resource that can help optimize the efforts and efficiency of field personnel. Poor planning and an incomplete understanding of how a sales force is interacting with the surrounding community can lead to several problems and issues. Whether your business requires greater insight on sales efforts within a specific areas or an entire region, the right software can make a key difference. Features that allow businesses to define sales territories, calculate drive times or access records regarding past activities and statistics can provide a brand new way to manage a sales force.

Territory Optimization

Software features that allow businesses to draw, define and alter sales territories can be a valuable resource for ensuring superior efficiency. Automatically mapping a new territory based on user-supplied criteria offers a quick and easy way to stay organized. Issues like minimizing drive time and ensuring contiguous sales territories can be quite the challenge for those who lack the proper resources. Defining sales territories based on criteria such as geography, account status and other quantitative business measurements can ensure businesses have numerous options in terms of how they choose to organize and manage their field staff.

More Efficient Trip Planning and Reduced Travel Time

Attempting to conduct a large sales force operating in the field can be a logistical nightmare. Mapping software can enhance overall efficiency by automating key processes like:

  • Trip and route planning
  • Account management based on geographical location or zip code
  • Finding and mapping the most efficient route to a destination

Conventional management efforts could lead to higher fuel costs, wasted work hours and greater overhead expense. Software based systems provide the means to overhaul all field sales and personnel management efforts to ensure businesses are able to operate as effectively as possible.

Planning for Future Growth

Expanding sales operations into new regions and areas can be done more easily and with greater success thanks to the information provided by sales mapping software. Accurate estimates of fuel and support costs and a better understanding of how effective a sales force may be when operating in new region or area can be critical. Poor and inaccurate estimate regarding future expansion efforts could lead to cost overruns and wastes expenses that can quickly strain your finances and erode your profitability. Sales mapping software can ensure you are better able to plan for the future.

Mapping Franchise Territory

Franchising a business or opening a new location is often a major financial commitment. Locations that are too spread out may be unable to provide service for all accounts effectively and those that are situated too close together are rarely able to operate as efficiently as possible. The right software can store detailed records and may offer sophisticated features that will allow for a more thorough estimates and assessments to be made. Being able to find the optimal location for a franchise operation will ensure your business is able to benefit from a smoother and more successful expansion.

Garman GPS, Navigation Made Easy

Garman GPS, Navigating Made Easy

IMG_5921 garmin zumo 660LM kit
Source: Flickr

Garman, set up in 1989, has lead the way when it involves producing the most ingenious GENERAL PRACTITIONER items. The very first Garman GPS unit was tailored in the direction of a customized group of customers: mariners. The following Garman GPS systems developed were made for army usage. Then came the GPS system marketed and made for ‘ordinary’ consumers: the Sign. Worn on the arm, the Forerunner permitted joggers to track their progress. Now, Garmin GPS have broadened their market consisting of all sorts of navigational GPS units that could be of passion to anyone curious about any sort of amount of traveling or sports. This write-up will discuss the sorts of Garman GPS systems presently available.

The first classification of Garman GPS products are those made for usage when driving. These items consist of: vehicle GENERAL PRACTITIONER devices, motorbike GPS devices and also web traffic receivers. The auto GENERAL PRACTITIONER as well as bike GPS systems work similarly; they are made use of to help browse the driver via whatever area they intend to go to. This is done with maps as well as instructions, which are offered exactly on the Garmin GPS screen. The traffic receiver is an add-on for Garman GPS motorcycle or auto items. It outputs website traffic information into the display.

The 2nd classification of Garman GPS items are those that Garman categorizes as being for ‘on-the-go’ use. These consist of: GENERAL PRACTITIONER products for smart phones, laptop computers, PDAs as well as Garman GPS individual assistants. The Garmin GPS items developed for smart phones, laptops or Personal organizers are basically attachments that give these devices navigational capacities. The add-ons for mobile phones or Personal organizers include an unique suction cup that allows the gadget to be put on the windscreen, to permit much easier usage in the automobile. The Garman GPS individual assistant, on the other hand, is a completely different tool. It provides navigational abilities together with various other attributes common to a digital aide, such as a calculator, globe travel clock as well as money converter.

The third category of Garman GPS products are those designed for hiking, hunting as well as various other activities that include roaming around. The simpler of these systems can be described as a digital compass. The hiker enters in where they want to go, and also the system basically ‘factors’ them in the correct instructions. The much more sophisticated Garman GPS hiking items do this along with supplying mapping details. Some likewise consist of walkie-talkie features. There is also a system that permits hunters to track their pets.

The fourth category of Garman GPS items are those made for basic fitness. For runners, there is the above-mentioned Forerunner, which is generally a Garmin GPS watch. Bicyclers could make use of The Side, a Garman GPS item that could attach in the middle of the bike’s handlebars. Both the Sign and the Edge track just how much a person as traveled in addition to various other things vital for physical fitness, such as calories, speed and also heart rate.

The fifth classification of Garman GPS products are those created for people taking a trip on or in water. These include Garman GPS chartplotters, aquatic handhelds, fish finders as well as radar tools. GPS chartplotters provide navigational info relevant for marine functions while Garmin GPS marine handhelds provide this and also can be used underwater, (making it helpful for divers). Garman GPS fish finders aid angler situate fish. Finally, Garman GPS radar devices aid boaters see how traffic gets on the water.

The 6th and also last classification of Garman GPS products are those created for use in the air. These tools can be real cockpits or various other sorts of avionics devices or portable GENERAL PRACTITIONER tools. The mobile GENERAL PRACTITIONER devices in this group can be made use of for navigating not just airborne however additionally at sea or ashore.

To conclude, Garman GPS products permit all sort of individuals the capability to know exactly where they are going. If one is an owner of any one of the items talked about in this post, never ever once more need to they need to bother with having to utilize the term ‘lost.’.